About KotobukiSpirits

The Kotobuki Spirits Group is a general producer of sweets.
We carefully develop regional culture and tradition into local brands in the form of sweets and deliver them all over the country from each region.
Our delight is in impressing and bringing happiness to each individual customer by providing products and services that exceed their expectations.

Message from top management

The basic management philosophy of our group is to create and provide joy, and this serves as the guiding principle for all our activities as we engage in business as a corporate group that contributes to the local society.

In recent years, as lifestyles change and values diversify, customers are increasingly discriminating about products and services. In particular, brand-consciousness and demand for genuine articles are growing stronger year after year, so we believe that the ability to plan products and services in response to customer demand will determine the future of our group.

In the midst of these circumstances, we have made it our corporate vision to become a general producer of original and shop brands of regional sweets, and based on the theme of creating high value, we are continuing to promote measures aimed at developing new products and increasing sales of flagship products (conversion to original brands). Moreover, we seek to strengthen the management foundation and achieve further growth by pursuing regional and specialty shop characteristics through items like San-in’s “Okashi no Kotobukijo,” Tokyo’s “Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory,” Hokkaido’s “Otaru Yogashiho Letao” and Kyushu’s “Akai Fusen” to develop shop brands.

Interest is also very high in consumer food safety. At our group, we recognize the ensuring of food quality and safety as the most important management issue and will continue to ensure thorough compliance and strengthen our quality management system.
We will create an energetic and appealing corporate group with the courage to come up with flexible and novel ideas and venture into completely unknown domains without getting caught up in existing stereotypes as we seek further growth through the creation of high value and the establishment of an overwhelmingly strong brand.

President & CEO
河越 誠剛

Corporate profile

Company name Kotobuki Spirits Co., Ltd.
Established April 25, 1952
Address 2028 Hatagasaki, Yonago City, Tottori
0859-22-7477(main line) / 0859-22-7463
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Capital ¥1,217 million (as of March 2015)
Annual sales ¥22,946 million (on a consolidated basis/as of year ended March 2015)
Number of employees 14 (936 on a consolidated basis/as of March 2015)
Description of business Management and supervision of group subsidiaries
List of directors
President & CEO
Seigou Kawagoe
Managing Director
Hirotsugu Yamauchi
Masamichi Yamane
Shinji Matsumoto
Yasuhito Tani
Outside Director
Matsuo Iwata
Standing Statutory Auditor
Jun Nagatou
Yasuharu Tanaka
Kouichi Noguchi
Banks of account Yonago Branch, San-in Godo Bank
Yonago Branch, Shoko Chukin Bank
Hatagasaki Branch, Tottori Bank

Business domains

Management and supervision of group subsidiaries

Access map

Kotobuki Spirits Co., Ltd. / Kotobuki Seika Co., Ltd. Main Plant
Cooperative Yonago Food Industrial Park, 2028 Hatagasaki, Yonago City, Tottori

  • Cooperative Yonago Food Industrial Park, 2028 Hatagasaki, Yonago City, Tottori
  • 20 minutes from Yonago Interchange on Yonago Expressway
    • From Tottori / Osaka
      15 minutes from Yonagonaka Interchange on San-in Expressway via Yonago Interchange
    • From Matsue
      15 minutes from Yonagonishi Interchange on San-in Expressway
  • 15 minutes from Yonagonishi Interchange on San-in Expressway
  • 10-minute walk from “Yonago Jidosha-Gakko-mae” bus stop on Sakaiminato Line via Hinomaru Bus Uchihama